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Title: Had a fuel problem
Post by: yd328 on March 22, 2020, 07:39:10 PM
After installing the tanks this weekend I couldn't keep the engine running. I put pressure into the tank to prime the lines, all new lines tanks to carb. I got fuel to the fuel filter, it is mounted behind the drivers seat. I then filled the float bowl on the carb so I can run the engine and have it draw the fuel the rest of the way. No dice, the pump wouldn't draw the fuel up. I took the pump apart figuring it may be the one way valves inside or the diaghram. I had extras so gave it a shot, no go. I was in a bit a time crunch so just went on assumptions, you know what that does ::).  The following day I did it properly and pulled out the vacuum/pressure gauge to see if the pump was doing its job, both pressure and vacuum tested good. I pulled off the first steel line after the fuel filter and no flow. Apparently I sucked a small piece of crud out of the temporary gas tank I was using, a one gallon gas can. Cleared the line and all is well. Moral of the story, take out the TM, test first and save yourself some time. ;D