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i have pedestal headlamps, and the angle irons on my side triangles....ok, so i guess i am not supposed to have a cross-brace (which it didn't have when i got the track)....
phew...minor crisis averted.  :-)

 I am curious can you see the makers stampings on the inside surface of the radiator surround armor? That may be Autocar armor.
halftracks and parts wanted / Re: Rear door latch
« Last post by Darth_Kitten on July 17, 2019, 02:11:33 PM »
Did you have any luck? I'm going to be on the hunt too.
Very interesting. Seems like there are lots of little differences here maybe as a result of being thru rebuilds, hard to say. I do have a half-track that left the factory with a roller and when it was rebuilt into an m3a1 by E.W. Wylie it was changed to a winch model. It's a Diamond T and no X brace.

what's on your mind? / roller springs
« Last post by Peter Haigh on July 17, 2019, 03:48:03 AM »
If anyone has  a spare set of front roller springs that they will sell and are coming to the york convention
Please bring them to the convention and we will cut a deal
Peter Haigh 
My White has an X brace and the side I guess it's a "mutt". ;D
Also.....notice I have the mounting pads for the front braces under the winch....but they were never drilled through.
Is that also weird??

I do not think any White had a cross brace. Perhaps in a rebuild program a Autocar nose was used on a White. But not normal for a White to have this. White used angle braces on the outside of the side triangle armor.
Do you have fender mounted headlights still? If so it was never converted.
Now I'm confused (although that is not hard to do!)

I have a White...M16.
NO X-frame on my radiator--never had one.

Can someone confirm that cross brace was truly a White, for all Whites?

I have picked up additional sets of front/radiator armor, and I have found some to have four bolts on the front vertical radiator armor, and some have three.
Please make me smart.
White came with radiator cross brace.    Autocar did not
I have two Autocar's both have the cross brace, my White does not.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks guys for clearing that up!!!

Think I'll leave the brace in and say it was a special White prototype that Autocar copied. ;D

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