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Engine Paint / Primer
« on: July 17, 2015, 04:29:29 PM »
I am nearly to the point of repainting my 160ax engine and would like some details as to what other people's procedures were in regards to what type of primer and type / colour that they used in the repainting of their engine.

From what I have read on some forums there is some contradiction of which way to do it and what paints are required to do this.

I have narrowed it down to a self etch hi temp primer and hi temp engine paint (Dupli colour / VHT ).

I will be going for the blue / grey colour for the colour finish.

I have seen that a small thread was started in this section about this subject, but would like a bit more detailed recommendations about paint colours used and best primer etc.

Thanks in advance.


Ps. I will be taking photos of the resto of the engine and detailing the process on this forum when I get around to it.


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Re: Engine Paint / Primer
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any news about this as i get to the same point now and looking into paint colour