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International Rear Panel
« on: December 10, 2016, 06:47:29 PM »
Have an issue with the rear wrap-around panel on my M14. After 10 years & many thanks to the members of this site, found the rear panel & floor section in the US that is now in my shed. After much bashing & grinding, trial fitted it to the back of the chassis & - shock horror-it is 1/4 inch too narrow! Am buggered if I know why. Can fix with an angle grinder & welder - but why???? There was only one International & only one back panel so why is this one too short??? The bolt holes to fit the bumperettes were a bit off too but managed to relocate them with a die grinder but any clues on the rear panel would be appreciated.Yes, missing hole for pintle but will get to that


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Re: International Rear Panel
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2016, 07:53:06 AM »
Having never seen a IH in person and only working off my little bit of knowledge of Autocars....

#1 dumb question: Have you checked the cab to make sure it isn't sitting forward just a tad?

# 2 dumb question: Is your hood tight between the cab and radiator?

I think it might be possible to move everything back most of the distance you are short. The cab mounting bolt holes are a little larger than the bolts. If I remember correctly all of the pictures I have seen of bodies being put on HT's is that they are put on in one piece, and here we are all assembling them from the front to the back and hoping everything fits.

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