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Armour not fitting
« on: February 26, 2018, 02:26:03 PM »
Have a puzzle I have no answer for. Finally found the back parts for my M17 project after 10 years of looking & thanks to the tipoff from this site. Got all the floor bits & back panels & floor boxes. After trying to fit the back panel, it is 6-10 mm too narrow. It is located on the back chassis by the bolts of the bumperettes so can only go in one spot. However, had to cut it down the middle & move the two parts by 6-10mm to get it to fit. Photos show me starting to weld up the gap. Anyone have any ideas?? There is only one International halftrack so why doesn’t the sucker fit??? Floor sections fit but back panel doesn’t. Yes, had to weld in panel over pintle hook & will fix that as someone had enlarged the pintle hole with a gas axe. See pic of pintle hook hole removed