Author Topic: WTS/WTT - on the road and can deliver!  (Read 794 times)


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WTS/WTT - on the road and can deliver!
« on: October 28, 2019, 05:47:57 PM »
I’ll be traveling from manassas, va to northern michigan 4-5 nov, northern michigan to virginia by way of nashville, Tn 8-9 nov so if there is something you want or want to sell/trade, let’s cut the shipper out and meet up somewhere along the wsy.

I need:
Winch PTO drive handle, shaft, 18G winch.

Complete rear/track armor from doors back.
Co-driver door lower H34
Co-driver door upper H36
Oil pan armor
Winch bumper extensions
Tulsa 18G winch
Winch bumper corners
3x windshield armor hinges
Headlight buckets (2)
Door hinges (L/R)
Engine armor (left) H15
Engine armor (right) H16
Co-driver seat folding stop arm

This is what I have to sell/trade that I can haul with me as I head north next week:
(All original)
-H1 radiator top plate
-Radiator top brace
-H7 Radiator side Plate L.S.
-H8 Hood plate R.S. Field modified with pipe to prevent tire rub)
-H9 Hood plate L.S. (Field modified with pipe to prevent tire rub)
-2x connection plates for H9
-H12 Hood wing top plate co-driver side (Israeli paint)
-H17 outer motor plate L.S.
-H19 Cowl top plate w/o bullet deflector
-Bullet deflector for H19
-H20 Right Cowl plate
-H27 Splash plate L.S. With screws and brackets.
-18G winch for parts
-Lower cut windshield frame
-M2/M-16 Driver/co-driver lower and upper seat support (can ship this)
-windshield support lower brackets
-Used for parts brake controller (Can ship)
-Cut dash (no gauges, has brake controller and other small parts.)
-Full dash (no gauges, has tach bezel) with glove and gauge boxes (not pictured)
-M16 bulkhead
-Right fender