Author Topic: Half-Trac Parts for Sale! Lockwood's Warhorses!  (Read 309 times)


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Half-Trac Parts for Sale! Lockwood's Warhorses!
« on: March 25, 2020, 10:18:26 AM »
 Located in Kansas. I will try and keep most news related to parts for sale on this thread. My contact info should primarily be my email or phone. I can also be found on FB at "Lockwood's Warhorses"
 email kplockwood      @     cox       .net
 ph 1sixtwozero79 1 71 24.
I have NOS perimeter rail mounts w/ NEW made mounting brackets. Set of 3 $1185.00 or Each at $405 Not wanting to split from brackets. These gun mounts will fit other vehicles. These are NOS however not a REPRO.

Armor Bolts:
 Still have a fair supply in 2 lengths (1" or 1-1/4")

Armor Nuts:
I am not quite ready to ship but will have a run of 20K Armor Nuts very soon. Already pre-sold 6K. These will be both styles (White MFR or Autocar/Diamond T MFR) White has a groove around the top of nut. They will require a LOCTITE type thread locker to prevent loosening. They are machined and hardened. Priced in PACKS of 10 @ $15, 100 @ $110, 250 @ $250, and 500 @ $450.

Sold OUT  of NEW Track Sets. If you are interested please contact me as I am hoping to get a container this summer/fall with more.
Other NOS items that I am stacking up.
 Fuel Cap $125.00
 Fuel Filler Screen $125.00
 Cap & Screen Set $220.00
 Bogie HUBS $375.00
 Battery Hold Down Kit $115.00
 NEW Idler Flange Outer $480
 Carb Kits $125
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