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Re: Decipher hood numbers
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Sorry, when i put the question mark i meant could this be correct for the late manufacture date of '43. The data plate has only 533 stamped on it.

Any more info you can give would help greatly

also a note from  new vanguard's  m3 infantry half-track 40-73 book. 

"A total of 572 m4s were manufactured through Oct 1942.
Production of the improved  type, the M4A1 ran from May to October `1943 and totalled 600"

I have a late 43 serial going by the data base over at g503, and that puts me in the M4A1 build date, and i assume at this point one of the last built


Andy your photos show the frame mounts that supported the 81mm bipod so this might have been a M4 in the beginning (still trying to figure out where the M4 stopped and the M4A1 started). You said the dataplate was stamped 533? does the (?) denote an unreadable fourth digit or just that the 533 is hard to make out. An ord # of 533 is much more likely to be correct than the 5619 stamping from the crab sppt.
 ironbender thanks for the dataplate photo. As for the M3 plate (unstamped): I have some of those and it seems these have been found affixed to all models of M3 vehicles. White made a 100+ M3s and converted some T30 75mm GMC into M3s so maybe thats why these were produced. They seem to appear on Autocar and Diamond Ts as well.

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1943 M4A1 (restored to M2A1)