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M15 'Special' Halftrack
« on: March 22, 2013, 04:05:54 PM »
I have been doing some research regarding this field modification that was done in Australia during WW2. Using a standard M3 halftrack it was fitted with a 40mm Bofors AA gun. Although it was originally for anti aircraft use it was found to be more suited for use against ground targets and was used successfully in New Guinea and the Philippines.

Does anyone have any more information regarding these vehicles?


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Re: M15 'Special' Halftrack
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I had read that the M15 "Special" was a modified M15 or M15A1, not an M3.  The twin .50s and 37mm were removed and replaced with the 40mm bofors.

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Re: M15 'Special' Halftrack
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beautiful pictures,

If you find information on this installation, I am interrested.

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Re: M15 'Special' Halftrack
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Here's the website I found the photos of the 'Special' and some information. Most of the information that I have come across relates to the M3 as the basis vehicle. The 40mm gun was first tested on the Mack version of a halftrack which was a more heavy duty vehicle than the White and International. The tests were carried out using the M3 in early 1942. Initially use as a anti aircraft platform was not successful due to the unstable nature of the firing platform. Outriggers were fitted to overcome this problem but was not successful.

The photos are of the Mack version of the 40mm gun platform which was initially tested in 1941.

This would be a great vehicle to have.
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