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Removeable turn signals
« on: April 05, 2021, 01:50:51 PM »
I recently got my half-track licensed so I can haul beer with it. I figure I can fit 96 cases in the rear compartment if I stop at the height of the perimeter rail - more if I heap it up a little. I believe this vehicle is street legal without turn signals if I use arm signals, but the caliber of driver out there today says it'd be foolish to drive it among them without turn lights. I don't want to install permanent lights, so I made up harnesses that I can attach and remove easily using magnetic-base lights. They use standard 4-wire flat trailer plugs and receptacles for the lights and I used a two-wire plug for power which plugs into the battery maintainer lead. I wired the controller for hazard lights as well as the turn signal lights and it's held in place on the front of the perimeter rail by magnets as well. The front and rear harnesses are separate so they won't be so much of a bird's nest when it comes time to attach them. After plugging them in to the controller harness, they just lay in the trough in front of the perimeter rail above the windshield, out of the way. The whole shootin' match can be attached and removed in just a couple of minutes and everything will live in a canvas bag and be stowed under the troop seats when not in use.


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Re: Removeable turn signals
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Re: Removeable turn signals
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I’ve been looking at wireless indicator such as these for my GPW.

I’ve no idea if they’re any good or not. They may be completely shit!!!
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Re: Removeable turn signals
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That looks fantastic, Jon!  Nice work.

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