Author Topic: The majority of NBA 2K fans are unhappy with the lack of new features  (Read 9 times)


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Another victim, aged 17 and submitting reports of cybercrime with the Australian Cyber Security Centre after allegedly losing $6,000 in the scam."He [Rack] explained that it was a loan and being paid back with interest NBA 2K MT Coins," the teenager said. According to an Apple Insider report, the licensing requirement was not new.

But, Apple wasn't strict about enforcing the rules on app developers who wanted their offerings to be made available to China. After four years of disobeying the licensing regulations Apple began to issue notices to developers , advising them they had to submit their applications by June 30, 2020 to get a license or they'd be removed from the store for apps.

A large number of developers decided to not be granted a license by the Chinese government. Instead, it appears these developers were willing to let Apple eliminate their products from the view of Chinese players. Reuters says that only 74 of 1,500 most popular games were granted a China license, which is less than the 5% of compliance.

It wasn't just the indie developers who chose to not get a license neither. Large developers like Take-Two and Ubisoft permitted a few of their games to be removed from the Apple app store as well Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. The current state of affairs is that NBA 2k and Assassin's Creed Identity can't be downloaded through the Apple app store if you're located in China. Prior to December 31, app purge, an additional 94,000 apps were removed from the app store, bringing the total loss for 2020 to 140,000 apps.

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