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halftrack master parts interchange list

[3] halftrack master parts interchange list

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painting and paint/ rust removal

[-] painting

[-] paint and rust removal

armor plate

[-] armor bolts, nuts, hinges

[-] straightening and repairing

[-] armor discussion

[-] front armor (doors forward)

[-] m2/ m2A1 rear armor and bed

[-] m3/m3A1/m16A1 rear armor and bed

[-] m4/m4A1 rear armor and bed

[-] m15/m15A1 rear armor and bed

[-] m16/m16A2 rear armor and bed

[-] international rear armor and bed

[-] all others

[-] pulpit armor

[-] fenders, door hardware and other body parts (non armor)

[-] Accessories

[-] data plates

[-] canvas

drive train

[-] engine

[-] ignition system

[-] clutch

[-] transmission/ transfer case

[-] drive lines

[-] front and rear differentials

[-] cooling system

fuel system

[-] carburetor and linkage

[-] fuel pump, fuel filters and lines

[-] fuel tanks and covers

electrical system

[-] gauges

[-] wiring harnesses

[-] starter and cables

[-] headlights and tail lights

[-] switches, circuit beakers, relays and horn

[-] other stuff

exhaust system

[-] all exhaust related topics


[-] all frame related topics

tracks/ tires and associated rear suspension

[-] tracks

[-] wheels and tires

[-] all track related hardware and maintenance

roller and winch bumper and winch related items

[-] roller

[-] winch bumber

[-] winch, pto shaft and pto


[-] all steering related topics


[-] all brake related topics

windshields and wipers

[-] all windshield and wiper topics


[-] all seat topics


[-] all radio related topics

land mines gun mounts and guns

[-] quad mounts

[-] other gun mounts

[-] guns

[-] land mines

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