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This site will be a forum and database of part numbers, armor drawings, technical support and anything else members can think of to help halftrack restorers. This is all free. In the process of restoring my m16 halftrack, I have found that relying exclusively on halftrack parts suppliers can lead to increased costs and in many cases poor quality parts, e.g., seals and gaskets made in the 40s. This database will have modern seal part numbers you can get at your local auto parts supplier and many other parts that some restorers use in place of original parts, you will have to decide if they are right for your restoration. I have made many different categories so that someone looking for specific information can easily find it. CLICK THE FORUM BUTTON. If you post contributing information just select one of the categories to post in. In order to promote member trades and sales, there will be no halftrack dealer sales/advertising. Be sure to check out the links and gallery sections.

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