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Heartland Military Museum
« on: August 05, 2014, 10:13:37 AM »
Hi, I was on vacation this spring and was able to stop at the Heartland military museum. Its in Lexington Nebraska right off I-94. They have a lot of interesting things. In the first pic in the background you can see the Humvee pilot vehicle. But  also they have halftracks. They have 3 stored indoors and they all run and are driven yearly in parades and around the museum grounds. They have a lot of interesting stuff there. So much so that my wife even enjoyed it. As near as I can tell all the tracks have the original armor and parts. No repro stuff that I could find. 

There is another one sitting outside but I do not think that one runs. It is missing the rear body and has a snow plow on the front. I forgot to take a picture of it.

This museum is great. They do not charge admission and operate on donations only. I asked and they let me take any measurements I needed. I think they would let you go into the vehicles too, if you asked. I did not. Its very informal though. It is run by Vets and volunteers.


M-16 halftrack

another view of the M-16




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Re: Heartland Military Museum
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Interesting blue drab on tan…wonder where they got the idea for that paint scheme as I haven't ever seen any like that.

1944 Autocar M15A1 (M16A1) Halftrack
  (Being restored to an M3A1 configuration)
  Serial Number M-15 A 1, 1356
  Model M-16 A 1, Ord Serial Number 1106
1944 Schelm Bros. M10 Ammunition Trailer
  Serial Number 16959
MVPA # 30507