Author Topic: 1943 Diamond T M3 variant for sale  (Read 1090 times)


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1943 Diamond T M3 variant for sale
« on: July 07, 2019, 02:06:52 PM »
Ok gang, it is time for us to secure a set of tracks for "Lucky 13", so we need to raise some funds. With that in mind we have decided to sell this parts track. We believe it is a 1943 Diamond T M3 variant. The serial number is M35824W. This is obviously far from a complete track, but it should make someone a good start.

We removed a few items we needed for our build and this is what is left, and we are throwing in another engine block, crank, head, and connecting rods. However, the motor in this track seems to be in great condition and does turn over easily with a wrench. The transmission and transfer also turn. It does have a lot of the engine there and the air breather. The radiator is out but will be included, no idea of the shape, but it doesn't look too bad and when we drained it there was good, clean, bright green radiator fluid in it. The tracks are good enough to get it loaded and unloaded, and be driven around your property, but they are rough for sure. We did have to cut a slot in one of the back idler assemblies to get it to free up and swing, so that will have to be repaired or replaced. We took the steering wheel, but have a cut one installed for loading. We are also including another steering gear, tube, shaft, and steering wheel.  They are rough but could be fixed. It has part of a winch bumper left, but doesn't have a PTO, so someone swapped something around at some point. The wheels and tires on it are not included, they are parts from our current  project.  But, it does have early style wheels (see pictures); however, with flat tires.  The wheels/tires will be swapped after it is loaded.

As I said, I think this would be a great starter for someone interested. It's located in Lubbock, Texas and we are asking $5,900.  Email Shon at with questions.

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Re: 1943 Diamond T M3 variant for sale
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