Author Topic: Somewhat Restored Half Tracks for sale  (Read 2272 times)


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Somewhat Restored Half Tracks for sale
« on: September 03, 2019, 07:48:45 AM »
During the World War II no new tractors were being built and manufacturers were slow to retool from the war effort.  One major tractor manufacture was on strike for a year during that time.  After the war several farmers in our father’s area were buying surplus halftracks and using them as tractors.  Pa just had to have one too.  He always said it used 50% more fuel but did 50% more work.  His hired help did not get the air cleaner back on good after cleaning it and his halftrack burned a gallon and a half of oil driving 20 miles from the field back to town.  About that time he was drafted and sent to Alaska during the Korean War.  He told his family that if some one offered a good price to sell it.  A couple of weeks before he got out of the Army he decided that he was going to fix it up.  When he got home he found that the family had sold it to a group from Israel. He always wondered if it fought in the Israel Egypt war.
He and a friend about a decade ago began to buy some of the remnants of several halftracks that were still in the area.  They managed to find a local outfit to restore a couple of them to what they called “museum quality”.  They were used in several area parades and Pa quite often drove his to the local coffee shop and gave rides to those interested.  He eventually bought his friends so now owns two of them.  I drove one of them in last year’s local annual parade.
He has over the past couple of years managed to fall twice and break both hips and is residing in a local nursing home.  At 90 years of age he realizes now that he will probably never be able to crawl up into one much less drive them or give them the care they need and has told sons to do what we think best with them.  We have decided to find them new homes and have placed them on eBay.  Proceeds will be going to his care.

We realize that there are several things wrong with them for a true collector however they might make a great starting point for someone interested to bring them up to spec.  We have evidence that some of the transmission parts were replaced with NOS from Gary's and the half tracks were rebuilt from the frame up. Pictures are available before and after on the eBay site.  These machines are located in the northern Texas Panhandle.


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Re: Somewhat Restored Half Tracks for sale
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2019, 07:11:46 AM »
One thing that would help your EBay auction is if you put the word Halftrack in the title. Someone would have to be searching for just the word White to find it and there’s over 39 million auctions with the word White listed right now. Put as many key words in the title as you can.
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Re: Somewhat Restored Half Tracks for sale
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Thanks, I have always wondered what was the correct designation.  The Army of course specifies HALF-TRACK on it's manuals.  Dad always separated the words and I notice these forums use all one word.  I guess it really does not matter at this point as eBay will not let me currently change the title or "Item Specifics".  Likely due to outstanding offers we are negotiating I am told.  We had to relist on Monday and that threw people for a while but most potential buyers found it again (no thanks to eBay's search engine).

They are currently listed at until the afternoon of the 16th.